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Here is a short presentation of  the Radio Malish station.

The purpose of the station was to serve UN soldiers with information, music and joy. The joy-part was no problem, more than once there were broadcasters banned from the air because they told a little bit too much of the truth about what happened on the camp.

The Radio Station first started out in Sinai (I'm not sure when, but I think it was around 1975) with the Swedish battalion serving there in the war between Egypt and Israel. The equipment was partly given by the Swedish government-owned national radio, and they expected the station to produce some programs which where returned and broadcasted in Sweden. All music was on cassette-tapes. In 1980 Sweden ended their mission in Sinai and with that Radio Malish went silent.

As I know the first Swedish UN-force in Lebanon was a medicine company (well to be exact Sweden had a taskforce for a month in 1979 to establish control on a bridge in south Lebanon). However at the same time the Medcoy was brought to Lebanon, Radio Malish came with it. The station was hosted in a shelter shared with the signal-center. The area of the studio was approx. 8 square-meters, and this area was divided in half, one studio and one technician-room.

The equipment was in pretty bad condition when I arrived there so I managed to get some money to buy some new. It resulted in a new mixing desk and two single cd-players, ordinary model, not those professional machines. The jingle-machine was a Nagra E, which also served as on-the-field-recorder. No computers or cart-machines.

The studio was located in the north part of the Naqoura Camp, just beside the gate-entrance to the Medcoy-area. Naqoura Camp hosted a variety of nationalities, and everybody was welcome to broadcast but very few did so. Sweden was the only nation to have regular shows, during my period in Lebanon I broadcast three different shows every week. All work at the station were voluntary and unpaid.